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Digital Marketing Algorithm

Web Site Optimisation Process to generate more business leads for your business

CEARSLEG strongholds are Augmented Reality based Inbound Marketing, Folksonomy based collaborative tagging, Podcasting & Vodcasting through The Husting process, SEO through Lexical analysis, Big Data Analytics though Multivariate & A/B testing

Search engine listing that itself is not a criteria for generating more business leads, its necessary to optimise the website or business landing pages as per webmaters guidelines, its necessary to monitor and make nessary changes as per latest search engine algorithmms. internet has become the right source to identify customer trends, buyer behaviour, competitive products, price comparison, product availability, product and service rewiews etc; it is observed more than 70% of traffic coming to your website as just as mere leads only, our continual research and optimisation tatics makes your website a perfect 24 x 7 Sales person, that can serve relevant information in an effective manner in Awareness stage, consideration and decision stage of a Buyer’s journey. Our research process identifies potential buyer experiences leading up to a purchase.

Our cost effective solution is fit enough to make more leads for your business, you can monitor the traffic at any point of time through dynamic graphs. We change the way of marketing through inbound tactics as customers will be made to come back again and again in your business through relevant link baits, of course we opt lexical analysis to generate link quantum and link juices to attract more and more customers.

Discover SEO through CEARSLEG, keyword Research and enabling your website as a web traffic magnet!

Keyword research and analysis, is the general term business people use in website optimisation, we have researched a lot in and we call it Lexical Analysis based on Folksonomy algorithms is another USP of our solution , targeting client’s prospective audience or customers is the initial step in Digital Marketing.

The site content must be optimised accordingly, it should act as a magnet or beacon lamp to attract your potential customers, the approach is termed as Inbound

We redefine your marketing plans with CEARSLEG defined Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and Return on Investment (ROI) factors

Kick Start and implement Your Digital Marketing Strategy with CEARSLEG

Reality in

Over the past decade, businesses of all sizes have searched marketing solutions that can increase customer engagements and ROI. Augmented reality is relatively digital tactics that had been utilised by large companies that helps to convert static text, images or video strips as physical entities or dynamic information.

AR tactics can give a new outlook for data to dynamic information, its applicable in all type of data such as location, heading, visual, audio and acceleration data, and opens an avenue for real-time feedback and offers. AR approach bridges a gap between physical and digital experience, empowering brands to better engagement with potential customers and right prospects, this is achieved through a digital camera integrated with an AR App let us to view and access browser based digital experience, now AR is carving a significant space in business world, its unique features let people to attract more on adopting or depending this approach.

Perceptive digital marketing experts can use augmented reality for almost any types of business; high logical skill, business concepts, technology know-how, trend based digital marketing algorithms, and more over capability of identifying the psychology & the audiences’ or customers’ buying habits are the primary pillar in defining augmented reality for a business; anyhow this technology has captured the attention of customers and business owners globally because of potential mix of technology, visual effects and entertainment.

It has widely been used by grocery business, video game industry, online newspapers and magazines; point of sale, promotional activities, market surveys, human anatomy study et al.; now it’s possible for any retailer to bring augmented reality based shopping experience to their customers through simple mobile Apps.

What we offer through CEARSLEG inbound
marketing tactics?

Key components in Digital Marketing…
  • Lexical Analysis (For content optimisation based on buyer persona)
  • Folksonomy Algorithm (For collaborative tagging with Social medias, link building)
  • Canonicalization ( A tactics, generating duplicate contents to remove unwanted content from web)
  • Augmented Reality (Giving physical interacting experience, static data to interactive/ dynamic information)
  • The Hustings (A way to establish interactive mode of communication, effective for campaign works)
  • Tagging Process (# and Collaborative way) (provide navigational cues or “way-finders” inside a particular news or topics in web)
  • Linking Process (Baits, juice, quantum) ( attract and retain readers or buy’s to your site providing enough link juice and setting baits, drive visitors to decision stage)
  • Siloing (systematic arrangement of data into information)
  • Deep Linking (Setting navigation inside the content for effective information)
  • Link Building (Building Inbound links though generic method increase your website’s PR and SERPs and are considered healthy for any blog or website)

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Cearsleg Technologies Digital Marketing
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